Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shots on Net [31.07.10]

July is ending and Carey's unsigned. But more people are getting signed so I guess we're not idle. Our cap space has shrunk some more.

Alexandre Picard
has signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Habs. He's 6'3", from Quebec, and has played for the Flyers. I hope we can beat those oranges with him on our team. RDS has few quotes from him in French. <Canadiens>

Bulldogs captain Alex Henry was signed by the Canadiens yesterday to a two-year, two-way deal. <Canadiens>

NHL Alumni is honouring Guy Lafleur and Dick Irvin at their 8th annual NHL Alumni Awards Gala Dinner. The Flower is being honoured as the NHL Alumni Man of the Year "for his tremendous skills on the ice and involve[ment] with so many charities and communities off the ice." Dick Irvin is receiving the Keith McCreary 7th Man Award, which is awarded to someone "who has contributed behind the scenes for a significant period of time." I guess it's a posthumous award, unless it's being awarded to Dick Irvin Jr.? This missed my radar so apologies. Congrats to both! Wish I could attend (it's close to me!), but the tickets are out of my price range. <NHL Alumni>

Michael Cammalleri might be interested in participating in Battle of the Blades. Old news, but since the blog wasn't around back then, here it is. This would be hilarious to see. But he'd get a ton of votes from Habs fans. <CBC Sports>

Make sure to show your Habs support by getting a spiffy Habs wallpaper. August's calendar featuring P.K. Subban is up. <Canadiens>

A Louis Leblanc photo gallery.<Hockey Photography>

Former Hab Russ Courtnall has been added to the line up of Battle of the Blades Season 2. He was apparently a fast skater so it should be interesting to see him back on the ice. I'm looking forward to seeing posters all over the TTC again this fall. <Battle of the Blades Blog, first seen on Twitter @kathleenlavoie

Dominic Moore signed a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday. Stevie Y is showing a strange interest in our Habs. Was it perhaps that he once wanted to play for us?! Anyway, we might as well rename his team Habs Stolen Goods. <TB Lightning>

Georges Laraque has been named the deputy leader of the Green Party. Ken Dryden will probably remain the most successful Canadiens politician. <TSN>

A Habs fan takes his love for the Habs to the top of Mt. Lady MacDonald. This team has great fans. <@mainertoo>


I'm waiting for TSN to blow up with Carey Price contract signing news. It shall be fun.

ETA: More news.

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