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Shots on Net [08.07.10]

The one month anniversary post of this blog brings you more news from the Habs as the 2010-2011 Canadiens team takes shape, management gets sorted out, and ex-players sign elsewhere.

PK Subban has won the 2009-2010 President's Award in the AHL "in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in the past year". Congrats! I can see why everyone is crazy for him. Picture from the Bulldogs site. <Hamilton Bulldogs>

President and CEO of the AHL David Andrews with PK Subban

Geoff Molson will be taking over as president and CEO of the Montreal Canadiens and evenco on June 30, 2011. He will be replacing Pierre Boivin who has been president since 1999. The two will work together in the meantime to ensure a smooth transition. <Canadiens, first seen at The Montreal Gazette via HI/O> 

Dominic Moore, Glen Metropolit, Paul Mara, and Marc-Andre Bergeron will not be back with the Habs. The UFAs will not be given offers by the Canadiens. The team will also rely more heavily on prospects, so they are leaving cap space for them as they also work on deals with Maxim Lapierre and Carey Price. <Canadiens>

Jacques Demers, the coach who led the Canadiens to their last Stanley Cup, a senator, and commentator for RDS had surgery. This is the second surgery he's had in recent weeks, having had one on June 29 to treat a hernia. <Toronto Sun, first seen at Canoe Sports (in French) via HI/O>

Jaroslav Halak got a nice deal with the St. Louis Blues. He's going to be cheap next year. According to Cap Geek, he'll earn $2.75 million next year, $3.5 million the year after, then $4.25 million followed by a year at $4.5 million for a cap hit of $3.75 million for four years. A deal like this would have been a bit difficult for the Canadiens to come to, but maybe Halak would've taken less to remain here out of loyalty or something. We'll never know thanks to Pierre Gauthier, and his agent can be happy. We'll speak again when the season gets underway. Though it's sad to see all the Halak pictures with him in a Canadiens jersey. <St. Louis Blues>

Sergei Kostitsyn has signed a one year, $550,000 deal with the Nashville Predators. Since all of the players involved in the Kostitsyn/Boyd-Ellis deal have signed NHL contracts, no 'future conisderations' will be involved. <Nashville Predators>

Maxim Lapierre isn't going to arbritation, meaning a deal's close. <RDS (in French)>

David Fischer won't be receiving a contract offer with the Habs. The defenseman from Minnesota was chosen in the first round, 20th overall by the Habs in 2006. The Canadiens will receive a compensatory draft pick in the 2011 draft, which will be the 50th overall pick (20th in the 2nd round). The Canadiens' second round pick in the 2011 draft had previously been traded to the Florida Panthers in exchange for Dominic Moore. So we're getting one back. I wonder who's losing their pick? I don't fully understand how this works to be honest. <TSN>

I like this picture of Mike! lol If we could only see his face. Training at 7 AM when the lights are still off. You're the man, Mike. <@MCammalleri13>

Not the most flattering pic of Lars Eller in a Habs jersey, but it's the first time I've seen him in one so here you go. More pics of the development camp by JTUTAH. <25Stanley>

His helmet is coming off...?

Four Habs Fans have footage from the training camp. (Warning: the blog is a bit NSFW and has profanity. But they're all lawyers!) <FHF>

PK Subban is humble and dedicated to playing for the Habs. Habs fans are happy. <Canadiens>

A report from camp. <Bleacher Report>

A story about Morgan Ellis' background. Maurice and Henri Richard also came from a big family! <Toronto Sun>

More about Ellis. A great prospect, for sure. I hope he forgets completely about being a Leafs fan. <PEI Canada>

You can keep up with Hamilton Bulldogs news by following Derek Willis, Director of Broadcasting and Communications and play-by-play announcer for the Dogs on Twitter. He also tweets Canadiens news that's tied to the Bulldogs. <@dogsplaybyplay>


This one month has been pretty crazy, with Halak's trade and all the signings. I hope next season will be great, and we won't be regretting the stuff that's happened over this past month.

Now we await Carey and Max.

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