Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update from the bottom of the sea

I think one of the worst things that can happen to a blogger is computer problems, which is what I was bogged down with. My computer was gone for repairs until yesterday. I hope it's ok now.

In the time I was gone Carey Price signed a contract with cap hit that was awarded to the Stanley Cup winning Antti Niemi in arbitration. I knew we'd overpay him. No, I don't think he's deserving. But he's our number 1 goalie, so might as well keep him happy.

The golf tournament took place on Thursday and poor Brian Gionta. Everyone's attention's on him now. The news made headlines in Toronto's daily newscasts as well (the only reason I was able to follow).

Then we got the start of training camp. The guys look good. Hopefully we can win something.

Preseason starts on the 22nd at home against Boston at 7.30. Let's drop the puck.

A little thing I noted: what's up with chemistry? Would the Habs really pass Chemistry 101? As someone taking 3rd year chemistry courses, I'd like to see how the Habs stack up. Maybe Mike Cammalleri already has some chemistry knowledge...

Now time for a lame joke. Thought up while reviewing the structure of the amino acid lysine, which has a lot of CH2 groups

Question: What is every organic chemist's favourite hockey team?
Answer: The Canadiens. They're the CH!

(Mini explanation for non-chemistry people: organic chemistry deals with the chemistry of carbon and hydrogen containing compounds. The elemental symbols of carbon and hydrogen are 'C' and 'H' respectively.)

Lame, yes?


ps. Expect posts to be few and far in between as university has started in full swing with a tough courseload ahead of me until December. Can't wait for 2011!