Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shots on Net [03.08.10]

Not much news about the current team.

Jacques Martin was interviewed by RDS. There's a video and an article, both in French. He talks about his hockey school, the next capitain, and Carey Price among other things. The golf tournament will be on September 16, and training camp will start on the 17th. <RDS>

Alexandre Picard got a $600,000, one-year deal and Louis Leblanc got a 3.6 million dollar deal over 3 years. These salaries kill me as I load myself with debt trying to get an undergraduate education. <Cap Geek>

Former Hab Ryan Walter has ended his tenure as Assistant Coach of the Vancouver Canucks. He won the Cup with us in 1986. <Ryan Walter's official site, first seen at BC Local News>

Georges Laraque has retired from hockey due to back problems and Glen Metropolit is heading to EV Zug in Switzerland for two years. <The Montreal Gazette>

This is a story about a guy you probably don't remember, but I do. Yann Danis debuted in the NHL the first season I became a fan, and recorded a shutout. Being a huge Jose Theodore fan, I was jealous. Though reading his story after all these years, I feel for him. Where would we be if we gave him a chance? He's almost in China for crying out loud! If someone could give him a chance, I'm sure he'd be grateful. His GAA and save percentage aren't terrible. <CKAC (FR)>

Stéphane Richer was at an autograph session in Carbonear, Newfoundland on June 29. You can check out a picture of him with a big Habs fan. <The Compass>

For lulz and because we love The Flower, here's a link to his disco album from 1979. <Disco Delivery, from The Pensblog from Puck Daddy>

Be sure to check out NHL.com on August 17 for their evaluation of the Habs' offseason activities. They're going in alphabetical order by city name, so we're sandwiched between Minnesota and Nashville. <NHL>

Would Carey sign already? Or are we going with Niemi? (I joke. But wouldn't that be a story if he did? We got rid of our playoff goalie, only to take the Stanley Cup winning goalie. Might be considered an improvement...)


You can watch a live stream of the Heritage Classic news conference tomorrow at 3 pm MT (5 pm ET). We suspected this would happen on August 4, thanks to those photo galleries from the future! Now, why aren't the Habs also streaming this? Josh Gorges and Ray Lalonde will be in attendance for the Habs. Steve Staios, Curtis Glencross, and Cory Sarich will be the players there for the Flames. You can find what appears to be a press release here. Kevin Weekes of HNIC and NHL Network will be the MC according to a tweet he made today. <Calgary Flames, hat tip to @JeremyBouch_Eh>

Jacques Demers survived a nearly fatal mistake during his surgery. If you easily get queasy, do not read this. <CTV Montreal, first seen on Twitter>

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