Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Panic Buttons

A panic button is useful. If you're a security guard and someone dangerous comes by, you hit one. The police or someone with more power shows up to give you a hand. When there's a problem in that whirlpool in your building, you hit the panic button and the conceirge will come help you. So these buttons are signals for help. What does this have to do with the Habs?

Well, they are no 'panic buttons' for the Habs. You can't get help from the outside. Sure, you could give up draft picks or prospects and ruin your future. Spending to the cap does this to you. Was it bad luck that Campoli got injured at the ACC? Absolutely. And that Brett Burns concealed info about his health problems? Probably. And that we overhauled our D with the expectation that Markov would be back in time for the season?

Fact is the team has changed too much. The roster last year was quite similar to the one that made the 2010 playoff run--the only big differences being the goalies and Jeff Halpern. Wiz coming along helped a bit and made up for Gorges. Last year's team was better than the 2010 team in the regular season as well. But this year's team is radically different. Emelin and Diaz on defence. Weber keeps switching positions. Budaj. WHY BUDAJ?! I know I was a bit excited for an NHL starter to be joining us but judging from the preseason the team cannot play infront of him. Carey is going to get a ton of starts. And when he's doing not as well as he was tonight, he's probably not going to get subbed out because we can't even trust our back up. What was so wrong with Auld? He was a supportive veteran who didn't suck.

The biggest point of concern apart from 3 injured players in 2 games and our not so great record is chemistry. The problems in 'clicking' have made the situation in Montreal even more confusing. Erik Cole didn't click with Pleky and Cammelleri. So coach Martin is juggling around and trying his best to make it work. After yesterday's 6-5 SO loss to the Avs, it was obvious that the team can score (just not in the shootout). We don't normally score 5, but including the last preason game we've had 3 five-goal games in 5 games. So we can score. But we can't defend. Not like we could before.

The solution lies in getting back injured players. They are the only solutions coming our way.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Habs Thing of the Day [02.07.11]

Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day.

Here's your random Habs thing of the day...

Habs socks

Yes, because we all need them. Our feet must also show Habs love.

Free agent frenzy brought in Peter Budaj and Erik Cole. Actually, the image above was on the Canadiens website when I went to read an article about Budaj.

I'll miss big, bald Alex Auld. I wish we could've resigned him for a year for $1 million like last year. But I guess Mr. Gauthier didn't trust him enough. Budaj, while he's had some bad numbers, will hopefully do better in Montreal. Apparently Colorado did not have a full time goalie coach. Also, their defence was probably unlike Montreal's. Really, with Coach Martin we're probably one of the most defensive teams out there. But that's a result of not having much offense. And it really is necessary with our dismal goals for numbers.

As for Cole...we overpaid and the term's longer than I would have hoped. And he has a NTC. Two years from now we'll regret this signing and we won't be able to move him. Unless his production drops off this year, in which case the regretting will begin earlier. But I have hope. If this guy can fit into our system, keep his production up, play physically, and not screw up then this will be our best signing of the year. We're giving Markov $5.75 million/year so this isn't that bad in comparison. And thanks must go out to the Captain for recruiting him.

Now we must wait for Josh Gorges, Ryan White, an assistant coach and maybe one more guy who can help us with Lars Eller still on the mend.

Only 96 days until the regular season starts!

Go Habs go!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Habs Thing of the Day [16.06.11]

Hunting around the net I came across this:

 (CNW Group/Boiron Canada Inc.)

That's Graham Rynbend, head athletic therapist for our Canadiens. I'm sure he was busy this year with all those Habs injuries, so he gets to be in an ad. He's promoting Arnicare Gel from Boiron. Read more about it here. I'll be honest: In my short time as a fan I've never seen anyone but athletes in ads related to the NHL. But this ad makes sense. Translation:
  • muscle pain
  • delayed onset muscle soreness
  • bumps and bruises
"For my players I want the best...naturally!"

And a tidbit of info for the upcoming draft: The Habs have flown in Ty Rattie, ranked number 17 by Central Scouting, for a tour and interview. Montreal is going to be picking 17th, so this makes sense. I don't know why in the world Toronto brought him in. They'll be picking 25th in the first round. :)

Until the day after awards night, where we find out Carey Price was fourth on the list for the Vézina...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Funny Video with Carey Price

Ok, not the real Carey Price.

Jacob Markstrom of the Florida Panthers has some fun with Carey Price and Marty Brodeur dolls.

I'd like to see this exchange occur in person. Maybe for a commercial?


You can also see two P.K. Subban commercials here and here (if you haven't already).

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you Habs

This was the year of the triple low five.

And what a year it was.

The 101st season of the Habs involved ups and downs quite similar to and yet unlike any other before.

Once more we lost our best D to injury. And that would have been tolerable were it not for the fact that we lost our second best D to an injury he'd been hanging onto for 7 years. Josh why in the world would you not get that fixed?! Ah, but I don't blame him. Poor guy's a rock for us and I know he plays with heart. See this if you haven't already to see what I'm talkin' about.

I love the "Nos Canadiens" series. Seriously. I haven't watched a lot of episodes (gotta save something for the long offseason) but I loved what I've seen. I hope next year we can get more stuff, like the Oilers got "Oil Change" or the Pens & Caps with the "24/7" series. Good stuff.

About this season...we improved from last year. New additions to the team really helped out, especially Jeff Halpern in the faceoff circle. But we're still severely lacking. How does a team go from an 8-1 blowout to being shut out in three consecutive games? Seriously? With the Habs futility in February I knew we wouldn't bring home the hardware this year but by that point I was wondering if we'd make the playoffs. Thank goodness for the strong start in October and November.

Though the team struggled, nothing was as frustrating, probably, as that road trip in December. Why does the NHL have this every year? It's like their sadists or something. Really. No one in Montreal or Eastern Canada in general can see the Habs during the holidays. Unless you go to Long Island if you're up for that long road trip. Is this fair to the most passionate fans who continuously fill the largest arena in the NHL? Hell no. Don't talk to me about snow birds in Florida. You can have two road games there and come back here for the other 5 or so games. But a road trip that takes you out west as well is just crazy.

Then there's that Pacioretty-Chara incident. Everyone was bothered by that. I greatly respect Henrik Sedin, Tanner Glass, and Joe Thornton for speaking out against Chara. A team with an injured player like Marc Savard should not go around hurting people like that. Accidentally or otherwise. And Dr. Recchi should know better. I'm tired of hearing jokes about people calling 911. So, were the people in Vancouver who called the cops when Bertuzzi went wild also idiots who shouldn't have called the cops? If I were in the arena I would have been crying for Patches really looked like he had died. His good luck saved  him from getting a displaced fracture or Chara would be facing murder charges. Stop acting like it was a hockey play. Hockey plays do not get penalties and game misconducts. If a penalized action on the ice is a hockey play then I say the NHL has gone to the dogs.

The team wasn't the same after that. I mean, not just the loss to St. Louis. I wonder if some people were disappointed with that game, since it was the big Halak vs. Price game. Halak even came back from a hand injury. But really, Patches' injury overshadowed everything. We went on to having a pattern of wins and losses up until the blowout in Minnesota after which we imploded. The win against NJ and the subsequent playoff berth clinching OT winner vs. Chicago righted the ship a bit. But we were never able to challenge for 5th or even 3rd. And the gap between us and the Rangers grew dangerously small. It's sad for the Rangers that Chara broke one of their most important players' leg or else they would have had a better end to their season. And of course, we never won five games in a row again. Our best win streak of the season and our best point getter in 2011 were done after that game. Gotta say thanks to those fans from Long Island and even Toronto and everywhere else that booed Chara afterwards. A screenie of the standings on March 9.

And I got to see that wonderful game 82 in Toronto! It had two near hat tricks with Gio getting 2 goals and Ryan White getting a goal and a fight (both in the first period no less) for 2/3 of the Gordie Howe hat trick. It was a beautiful game and had a very festive atmosphere because it was Fanapalooza. Some Leafs great were in attendance as well. I was a bit relaxed, not having to worry about qualifying. I never want to go to a game in which we are worried about qualifying. Loved seeing the captain score, and I've become quite a White fan after the Savage Garden thing so I was delighted that he's the first Hab I got to see score in person. ;) And Turtle Pleks finished off the scoring. One guy who couldn't buy a goal that whole night was Mike Cammalleri. He was trying real hard, I think he had friends and family in attendance. But it just did not work out. While the no goal call was quite surprising (I saw the puck cross the line) the crowd was full of Habs fans. We even started the ole chant a few times! And some guy proposed to his girlfriend during the 2nd intermission. I swear, the game had everything (except hat tricks, a shut out, a penalty goal, and OT/shoot out--so most everything). It's great that it was a Habs win and the buddy I went with (an exchange student from Scotland) got to see it all. Especially the triple low five! <3

Habby is also celebrating White's goal in the arena up there on the opposite side.

Never have I felt hate for the NHL until this season. Not only did the league show its incompetence in dealing with serious offences (still waiting for Crosby's concussion causers to get something), they made me realize just how powerless I am as a fan. The latest incidents that reminded me were the finger that Ferrence gave all Habs fans around the world. If that was the Wiz, I'm sure he would have gotten at least a game. What does he get instead? A fine that people in Boston are willing to chip in to pay. As Mike Richards would say, this kid's got no respect. And the hits in games 6 and 7. Another turnbuckle/stanchion incident involving a Bruin hitting a Hab. And a shoulder to the head that even Logan Couture thought was intentional. Jumbo Joe was onto something, eh? I don't know if the Flyers will beat the Bruins. I'll just say this: I hate the Flyers for breaking my heart twice but at least they've never tried to kill one of our players before (as far as I know...might be something in history) so I hope they can teach these classless "hockey players" all about respect.

And I hate the fact that we keep getting eliminated by the Ruins and Flyers every year. Ugh. Can someone else eliminate these guys for us?

We need more offense. Game 5 of this series proved for the millionth time that while Carey can stand on his head and keep it a one goal game, WE NEED PEOPLE TO SCORE. I thought after last year's terrible showing against the Flyers with us getting shut out so often there would be some changes. I'm going to say that even if there were, they did not help.

Gomez...I don't need to elaborate. But man, this guy is a rock for the wrong reasons. He's the rock sinking our salary cap ship. Bad analogy, but this guy needs to get it together. We need more from the guys we have because our roster's core won't change. We don't have the money or trade power to move the highest paid players.

I wonder if we hurt ourselves by going for 6th place. Would we have had a better time against Philly with their goalie problems and without Pronger?  Can't help but wonder if winning that kinda useless game 82 might have actually hurt us.

I'd like to see P.K. Subban signed to a contract extension if he can keep up his numbers next year. Same for Carey, except I'd like to talk after the playoffs. He wasn't bad, but we need to see if he can keep it up.

Lars Eller is one tough man. Popping in your dislocated shoulder and continuing to play...sheesh. Hope our guys get some rest and rehab in the months to come.

Price not getting nominated for the Vezina despite Brodeur's support: terrible. Rinne and the Ruins goalie who falls a lot are understandable. Luongo? Meh. I like him as Canada's goalie and all, but in no way was he better behind his stacked team than Price was. Oh well. I still hope it's Luongo or Rinne over that other guy. 

This was my Stanley Cup moment of the season:

I can only imagine what the real celebration would be like. :D

The 10-11' season is over. Nothing more can be done about what's happened. Take this summer to regroup and tweak and make the Habs a contender once more Monsieur Gauthier.

Go get 'em next season guys.


Image credits: triple low five, White's goal celebration, "And I buried him"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This a postseason and offseason blog

As a uni student I am unfortunately too busy to keep this blog going through the year. But I hope you'll join me in Habs stalking loving in the time after the regular season.

I do promise to scan that Elle magazine...eventually. Expect something by the end of April.

So what's new?

I'll be attending my first Habs game at the ACC at the season ender (is that a word?). I'm in the nosebleeds but these tickets are already $100 over face value so I can't spend more money. The life of a uni student! (One who was foolish not to get tix earlier... *headdesk*)

Jose Theodore will play Alex Auld tomorrow. In 2005 I would be wildly cheering for Jose. But times change...

I noticed in Toronto that people were sympathetic toward Pacioretty and thought that Chara should get some discipline. I was surprised because I thought everyone hated the Habs but I guess it's to be expected. No one wants one of their players getting steamrolled into a stanchion.

And would you belive my luck. The day the Habs play the Bruins I have a test scheduled 8-9 p.m. (ET). Normally this test should have been in class, which runs 5-7 p.m.. But the prof didn't want to lose class time. I now not only have a 12 hour day at uni (got a lab that starts at 9 a.m.) but by the time I get home (to the neighbouring town) the game will be over. Even if they go to shootout. Ridiculous! Grr. Well, thank goodness for internet on phones and the fact that TSN will be replaying the game at 2 a.m. :) Though the Habs will probably lose, be booed excessively, and lose more people to injuries after being targeted by the Bruins goonery all night. Whey even play the game? But I hope the team wears some sort of armbands or something for Patches. The best would be Pacioretty jerseys in practice. That'd give the Bruins a nice surprise.

Much respect to Geoff Molson for his letter. I was so very happy to read it. Showed us in polite words that the organization, despite what Pierre Gauthier said, did care about the non-suspension and supported the fans' outrage. 

I love the series "Your Canadiens". Watched Plekanec and Cammalleri's episodes and enjoyed it thoroughly. Especially Pleky's girlfriend. The two of them seemed so nice and were adopting a nice cat named Arthur from a shelter. This guy could be a captain, seriously. I think Gio got the nod because he's got a Cup. And the fact that Pleky is kinda quiet. (´・ω・`)

Hope you're all doing well and are happy and healthy. Much better than our Habs at least. Though I'll give 'em credit for staying in it despite the ugly 6 goals on Friday. If Pittsburgh's loss of Crosby and Malkin were big, our 9 guys out right now are probably equivalent to their two superstars. And at least with Sidney, they have hope that he'll return. Markov and Gorges? Gone 'til September.

All I can say is...


Saturday, December 4, 2010

101 Habulous Seasons

Habby birthday to the Habs! Last year I missed the Centennial celebrations because of a term test on December 3 (I was behind in everything as a result of that test and played catch up until the 8th or 9th). This year, I'll watch on CBC. Go kick some Shark butt this afternoon to party in style.

Also, congrats to Carey Price for being named 2nd star for the month of November.

A reminder to vote for our guys for the 2011 All Star Game. Most guys say they don't care, but it does give them a confidence boost and deep down I think they do care. Here is some evidence from Carey Price. So keep the ballot box stuffing votes coming!

Go Habs go!