Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthdays of Habs Players

That's right. It's a list of Habs players' birthdays, by month and date (with year listed on the side so you can calculate yourself). Why? Because I'm booooored. And it's August 9 and it's summer and Carey Price will most likely turn 23 before he signs a contract. And a list is good to have so you can wish them on Twitter/FB/your blog. So let's go!

7--Alex Auld (1981)
18--Brain Gionta (1979)

3--Andrei Kostitsyn (1985)
11--Jaroslav Spacek (1974)
14---Tom Pyatt (1987)

29--Maxim Lapierre (1985)
30--Ben Maxwell (1988)

6--Hall Gill (1975), Travis Moen (1982)
12--Roman Hamrlik (1974)

3--Jeff Halpern (1976)
8--Lars Eller (1989)
13--P.K. Subban (1989)

8--Michael Cammalleri (1982)

5--Alexandre Picard (1985)
16--Dustin Boyd (1986)
19--Ryan O'Byrne (1984)

14--Josh Gorges (1984)
16--Carey Price (1987)

29--Benoit Pouliot (1986)

31--Tomas Plekanec (1982)

26--Mathieu Darche (1976)

20--Andrei Markov (1978)
23--Scott Gomez (1979)


We've got each month represented! February and April are tied for months with the most Habs babies. Spacek's the oldest, beating Hamrlik by two months and a day. Subban's the youngest. He also signed a three-year contract on his 20th birthday (link's in French). Wonder if he waited for that day especially? Hall Gill and Travis Moen should celebrate together, but they're probably more concerned with making the playoffs than getting older at that time of the year. Also, Plekanec (whose birthday is closest to my own) should be the happiest. Free candy for all on his birthday. =)

Sorry to Dustin Boyd and Ryan O'Byrne whose birthdays I missed. Happy belated birthday to you both!

Let's have a year full of habbines and joy.

ETA Eller, Halpern, and Picard on 10/10/31.

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