Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shots on Net [24.07.10]

A summary of the activities of our favourite team.

Here's Mike Cammalleri doing 1-on-1 with Michael Landsberg on TSN's Off The Record on July 16. <TSN>

Mike was also on The FAN 590 (Toronto) and he spoke about things that should interest you. I'm sorry to hear he was a Leafs fan growing up. He made the right decision by coming to us. Also, I sympathize with the reporter. He's just like me. First seen on Twitter. <FAN 590, direct download link>

Carey Price is talking. Thanks to KEPR CBS19 for the video.

The Canadiens will have a captain next season. It will be someone who was in last year's leadership group, meaning either of the three alternate captains or Cammalleri (was there anyone else? I can't recall...). They've already almost decided it, so it's just a matter of time. <RDS (FR)>

Andrei Markov became a Canadian citizen. Here he is with the judge and a mountie. You can also see a picture of him posing with some cute stuffed toys and Canadian things while posing for the next Canadiens magazine. However, he he will not play for Canada in international hockey competitions. Thanks to the Montreal Gazette for the pic. <The Gazette>

Aw, he feels left out of the 'shake...

Our busy man Mike teed off at the RBC Canadian Open on Wednesday, July 21 at 7.50 AM. He had a handicap of 6, saying it was because he was busy playing playoff hockey games. =) He also said he shot 78. And his mom says he looked like a kid in a candy shop. Story and pic from Ya! The Habs Rule. <Y!THR>

Lookin' good!

The Bulldogs have a new head coach and assistant coach. Randy Cunneyworth will be head coach, while Randy Ladouceur as his assistant. Both men are from Ontario. I hope there won't be any confusion due to the presence of two Randys. <Canadiens>


Will update if necessary. Sorry it wasn't very exciting this time.

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