Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shots on Net [13.07.10]

More news from your Habs as Carey Price becomes the last free agent. What's the hold up King Carey? Don't tell me you got Allan Walsh as your agent?!

Maxim Lapierre has signed a one year, $900,000 deal with the Canadiens. He's been playing with the Habs as long as I've been a fan, so that's nice. <TSN>

Mathieu Carle has been signed to a one year, two way contract. <Canadiens>

One year contracts are popular today as James Wyman has also been signed to one that's two ways. <Canadiens>

P.K. Subban and Mike Cammelleri were at the 18th annual NHLPA Golf Classic on July 12 to raise money for "Hockey for Haiti", an effort in which former Hab Georges Laraque is involved. Click the names to see videos. And here's another one of Mike. Can I say that the NHLPA loves Mike, and maybe the Habs players in general? See the article about Mike cheering on the Azzurri. (And YAY for Juventus love!) <NHLPA>

This story is just great, so I have to share. Electronic House has given the 2010 Home of the Year Gold Award for Best Fun Room to a Canadiens home! This house belongs to a fan in Red Deer, Alberta who turned his bar and media room into Canadiens territory. I especially like the C in the ceiling. Man, I hope I can do something similar one day. Be sure to check out the gallery! Photo from Electronic House. <Electronic House>


In case you missed them, here are some pictures from the development camp from the Habs. <Canadiens>

Fans neither forgive nor do they forget. Remember the Richard Riot? Halak's trade won't be forgotten unless we get something big out of the Habs next season and on. At least an ECF finish. Stu Cowan speaks to Pierre McGuire and continues to question the controversial trade. Let's see if Bob's 'thoroughbred' (what are they, horses?) comes through for us.  <Montreal Gazette>

Speaking of rioting, the true cost of keeping fans in line during this amazing playoffs run was $2,181,059. Insane, no? But nothing bad happened, so that's great. I guess the playoffs are costly for Montreal, but a Cup would be priceless. (No pun intended.) <Cyberpress (FR)>

Continuing with the money theme, Gary Bettman earns a lot. Just over $7.23 million. And he fights with nice people like Ron MacLean on TV. Yup, you're getting paid well. Does he deserve it? Now that's another question.... <Sports Business Journal>

It's all about money, right? Some teams are struggling to sign players with the $59.4 million cap (e.g. Chicago), while others have many players but haven't even hit the floor of $43.4 million! See Cap Geek for the numbers. <Cap Geek>

Eller and Schultz want to try and please, but actions speak louder than words. Kinda sad that they have to do this. Couldn't we have gotten these guys for Price? St. Louis was interested.... <Sporting News>

Bleacher Report gives us a summary of Pierre Gauthier's moves as a GM. I like it. <Bleacher Report>

It's expensive to be a Habs fan (#2 in the league), but even more expensive to be a Leafs fan (#1 in the league). The Leafs get to be first at something. <Team Marketing Report>

Habsworld discusses captaincy. I'll agree with their choice of Gionta, with Gill and Cammalleri wearing the 'A'. Markov's not usually in the line up, and Gill will probably leave. Maybe let Gill have it for his last year here and then give it to Josh Gorges. <HW>

Jean Beliveau is a classy man. I'm so glad he played for us. <Dennis Kane>

Something I found on the official site: Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard's playlist. I kid you not. <Canadiens>


So now we await Price and we'll see what kinda money he'll be getting. I think we could have probably afforded Halak and had a cheap back up from Hamilton now that Lappy has signed for less than a million. I get the strange feeling we'll be overpaying Price now that he knows he's number one and we don't have anyone else. Gah! Why is goaltending always such a headache for the Habs? The Habs have $4,728,273 to sign Price and anyone from our prospects.

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