Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shots on Net [29.07.10]

An early post. Will update if necessary.

From the homepage

What is the Canadiens' management trying to tell us? I'm sorry but I've got to laugh. Thanks for realizing we hate his contract. But seriously, this story is like ten years late. Ok, more like a month but still. Nice to hear about how players got their numbers. <Canadiens>

Mike Cammalleri doing a photo shoot for CANADIENS magazine. A golf club?! The golf love continues. Shot at Brossard. <@CanadiensMTL>

There are six new faces with the Canadiens staff. Pierre Allard's arrival was announced previously. Hopefully these new scouts net us some good players. <Canadiens

As seen at Habs Inside/Out, Brock Trotter has left for the KHL's Dinamo Riga. <ESPOIRS>

If you haven't heard already, you could win a chance to train with Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez, and other NHL hockey players thanks to BioSteel. See details here. <BioSteel ProHockey Week>

A follow up to the Jim Roberts story mentioned in the last post. <Northumberland News>

With the unveiling of the 2011 All Star Game logo and the 2011 Winter Classic hoopla, I was wondering if we'd get anything for the 2011 Heritage Classic that will be played February 20 in Calgary? Here's the logo if you haven't seen it yet. First seen at Puck Daddy, from Icethetics who grabbed it from so that would explain the bunch of logos.

Mike and Jarome Iginla face the NHL saying something about captaincy, or just faces of franchises?

I love this logo. It's much nicer than the Winter Classic one, IMO. A veined maple leaf (no, not for's red for Canada), a scroll like in Canada's coat of arms with 'A Mari Usque Ad Mare', crossed hockey sticks that bring back memories of old hockey team pictures, and the Calgary skyline with iconic Calgary Tower. Even the writing looks old school. The NHL shield just reminds you that the game is ocurring in this century. Kudos to whoever came up with this.


I'll end on that happy note.

Update (at 10.50 pm):

This is kinda strange. Go to the Canadiens 'Photos' page and you'll see galleries that have dates in the future. Right now there's a Montreal Canadiens Hockey School gallery dated July 31, 2010 and an Outdoor Hockey Games gallery dated August 4. Should we expect some news about the Heritage Classic around August 4?!! But really, advanced posting only works if you don't let your readers know about it. XD Nice going, people.

More updates:

There will be a press conference about the Heritage Classic at McMahon Stadium next week. My hunch was correct! <@Fan960Jason>

Cammalleri's speaks about his summer and various things with Toronto radio stations. <Ya! The Habs Rule>

Habs great Émile "Butch" Bouchard will be having a private signing on August 15 at Al Collections Inc. Their site also allows you to get signatures from Jean Béliveau, Peter Mahovlich, Maxim Lapierre, and Benoit Pouliot. <@ALCCINC>

Hope that's all for today.

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