Sunday, March 20, 2011

This a postseason and offseason blog

As a uni student I am unfortunately too busy to keep this blog going through the year. But I hope you'll join me in Habs stalking loving in the time after the regular season.

I do promise to scan that Elle magazine...eventually. Expect something by the end of April.

So what's new?

I'll be attending my first Habs game at the ACC at the season ender (is that a word?). I'm in the nosebleeds but these tickets are already $100 over face value so I can't spend more money. The life of a uni student! (One who was foolish not to get tix earlier... *headdesk*)

Jose Theodore will play Alex Auld tomorrow. In 2005 I would be wildly cheering for Jose. But times change...

I noticed in Toronto that people were sympathetic toward Pacioretty and thought that Chara should get some discipline. I was surprised because I thought everyone hated the Habs but I guess it's to be expected. No one wants one of their players getting steamrolled into a stanchion.

And would you belive my luck. The day the Habs play the Bruins I have a test scheduled 8-9 p.m. (ET). Normally this test should have been in class, which runs 5-7 p.m.. But the prof didn't want to lose class time. I now not only have a 12 hour day at uni (got a lab that starts at 9 a.m.) but by the time I get home (to the neighbouring town) the game will be over. Even if they go to shootout. Ridiculous! Grr. Well, thank goodness for internet on phones and the fact that TSN will be replaying the game at 2 a.m. :) Though the Habs will probably lose, be booed excessively, and lose more people to injuries after being targeted by the Bruins goonery all night. Whey even play the game? But I hope the team wears some sort of armbands or something for Patches. The best would be Pacioretty jerseys in practice. That'd give the Bruins a nice surprise.

Much respect to Geoff Molson for his letter. I was so very happy to read it. Showed us in polite words that the organization, despite what Pierre Gauthier said, did care about the non-suspension and supported the fans' outrage. 

I love the series "Your Canadiens". Watched Plekanec and Cammalleri's episodes and enjoyed it thoroughly. Especially Pleky's girlfriend. The two of them seemed so nice and were adopting a nice cat named Arthur from a shelter. This guy could be a captain, seriously. I think Gio got the nod because he's got a Cup. And the fact that Pleky is kinda quiet. (´・ω・`)

Hope you're all doing well and are happy and healthy. Much better than our Habs at least. Though I'll give 'em credit for staying in it despite the ugly 6 goals on Friday. If Pittsburgh's loss of Crosby and Malkin were big, our 9 guys out right now are probably equivalent to their two superstars. And at least with Sidney, they have hope that he'll return. Markov and Gorges? Gone 'til September.

All I can say is...