Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shots on Net [15.06.10]

Those pucks from last time were probably annoying, so I'm changing the format. Sorry! Now back to normalcy. (But if you're wondering, those pucks had a meaning beyond the SoN meaning.)

Guy Lafleur's court troubles were in the news. Honestly, I hope everything gets resolved quickly. I dislike seeing his name get sullied. As a parent, I'm sure he's already hurting. No need to add to that. Picture also from The Gazette. [The Montreal Gazette]

The Flower's on the left.

A great post over in Scott Cullen's column at TSN about the Habs' situation. I think he was pretty fair in his judgement, though some might argue too optimistic. (But I prefer this to being overcritical.) It's hard to argue with some of the facts and figures here. I'd like to say that I like Cedrick Desjardins. I've never seen him play or anything, but he's looks pretty good from the numbers he's posted. I don't see why he can't back up Jaroslav Halak or Carey Price. That being said, I do prefer that we keep both goalies. If we had to chose, I'd chose Halak but I will respect Pierre Gauthier's decision. And about the need for offensive production: YES PLEASE. We cannot get blanked anymore in the playoffs. [TSN]

The guy who vandalized Montreal Gazette reporter Pat Hickey's car has been charged. Seriously, control yourselves fans. This goes for Habs fans too. It's sad to see fans act so stupidly. [The Phildelphia Inquirer, originally from HI/O]

Speaking of fans doing dumb things, the Habs might have to pay for cleaning up after the fans in Montreal. The cost for cleaning up after the Caps series in the first round was $305,000. Crazy. [Montreal Gazette]
A footnote to that: according to CTV, it wasn't an official proposal and it was more for security than for cleaning up. Also, it seems like it's not going to happen for now...?

Perry Pearn, the assistant coach of the Canadiens, has chosen to remain with the team, turning down an offer from the Edmonton Oil Kings (a major junior team). This comes after Guy Boucher, the head coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs this past season, left the team to take on the same position behind the Tampa Bay Lightning's bench. (I have to say, I laughed at the pronounciation help in that article. Learn some French guys!) So you lose one, you keep one. Thank you Mr. Pearn for sticking with us. [The Vancouver Sun]

The Canadiens have bought out Georges Laraques's contract. [TSN]

And finally, a little behind the scenes Habs info/trivia. Did you know that goalie Kim St-Pierre of Canada's gold-medal-winning woman's hockey team has played in net for a Habs practice? I was surprised! She's only the second woman to take to the ice with NHL players. I have to say that for me, the best part was seeing her #33 Montreal Stars jersey. I like women's hockey, and I have so much respect for Partrick Roy! Congrats to her for the honour. [TSN]

Here's a video of her in a interview with Radio-Canada (in French, but you can see her making saves):

So that's about it. I'll update if more things pop up.

Only 8 days left 'til the NHL Awards ceremony. I'm moving on that day, so maybe it'll be a bit quiet for some time around here. But I hope to be back and updating soon.

Enjoy your night!

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