Friday, June 11, 2010

Shots on Net [11.06.10]

Shots on Net is something I'll be putting up from time to time. It'll be a bunch of different things I've gathered from the internet. The idea behind the title was thought of minutes ago, but the way I'm seeing it right now is this: it's screenshots of things on the internet. Shots on Net (SoN?) is much shorter to write than "screenshots of things on the internet" so yeah. Click on the puck for your story.

Jaroslav Halak's father says his son's as good as he is because his dad gave him "carrots and Viagra". Yeah...IDK. I wonder what kind of childhood Jaro had. This comes as he is on the cover of L'actualité magazine.

Louis Leblanc, the Canadiens first round pick in the 2009 draft (18th overall), has been speaking to Pat Brisson, agent for many well known hockey players such as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and John Tavares. Also, Leblanc's QMJHL rights were traded to the Montréal Juniors this week (see here). If Leblanc has indeed taken on an agent, then there is very little chance he'll be returning to Harvard as those who play a sport at university cannot have an agent for that sport. Going to the AHL's Bulldogs or playing in the Q would be his other options, and he could continue his studies at McGill. But as Marc De Foy at Rue Frotenac points out, he could always return to Harvard to continue his studies whenever he pleases because the minimum requirement to be able to return is one semester of study (he's finished a year = two semesters). Click the puck to a juicy tweet that supports Leblanc's move to the AHL. In case it's deleted:

MurphysLaw74 said at 7:09 PM on May 28: Source told me today that Habs prospect Louis Leblanc, now represented by Pat Brisson, will leave Harvard and play in Hamilton (AHL) 2010-11

Though Mr. Brisson, who we assume is acting as a counselor and nothing more, is saying Leblanc's committed to Harvard. We'll see what happens.

Here's a great Habs fan. What a kid! Habulous salutes you Ross Vender. I hope you can meet Mike and get an autographed puck. Keep up the Habs loving in Ontario. 

If you're in Montréal tonight, you can see some Habs players. Hab Inside/Out is reporting that the Lotus One Formula Team will be holding a press conference tonight at 7.30 pm at Montréal's Marché Bonsecours. In attendence will be Le Démon Blond (aka Guy Lafleur), Maxim Lapierre, and Patrice Brisebois. He's not a Hab, but Vincent Lecavalier will also be there.

Congratulations to the Black Hawks for winning the Cup. Last year, they lost in five games in the conference finals to Detroit, which lost in the SCF to Pittsburgh. If we continue the trend, the Habs should take the Cup next year (we also lost in five in the conference finals to the SCF losers this year).

Enjoy the World Cup, and hope to see you around for more offseason talk.


  Louis Leblanc has been invited to the 2010 National Junior Team Development Camp. (Thanks to @HabsInHighHeels for the news.)

Check out Mike Cammalleri at the Grand Prix. Here's a vid. (Thanks to 25Stanley for the link.)

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