Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shots on Net [12.08.10]

Brief this time because Carey hasn't signed. (I'm joking! It's because of summer.) Since I complain talk about him so much, I found some news on him.

Carey Price was at the Chilliwack Exhibition last weekend, participating in the Team Roping competition in the Rodeo. What a cowboy. I'm pretty sure he's the guy in the first picture in the slideshow below, and also at the 1:07 mark. Or am I seeing things? Price seems to be into this thing as he won $300.30 with a buddy doing some team roping at the BCRA rodeo between July 31-August 1. I wonder if he was in it for the cash? For the sake of journalism, I decided to check out the BCRA website and as you can see for yourself, Carey's really into these things as his name pops up twice on overall standing lists. He's made some decent money, but we need to get him to a rink. <Chilliwack Times>

Dustin Boyd was happy to go and skate at Brossard. Get a look at one of our newest players. The video editing will make you realize just how much time everyone has on their hands. <Canadiens>

Jarred Tinordi is joining the London Knights. It pleases me to know that our prospects are choosing junior hockey over university. Maybe I'll even go watch him play. <London Knights, via HI/O>

Also from HI/O, this nice article about Cammalleri in which he discusses leaving Calgary and becoming a Canadien. It's good to know he cares so much about the fans and can understand their emotions. Hope you like your time with us, Mike. <The Montreal Gazette>

In case you've been gone on vacation and want to catch up: an off-season report on the Canadiens' activities. <The Fourth Period>


I haven't warned you, but I will now. I'm a huge Jose Theodore fan. If it wasn't for him, I would have never become a Habs fan. So I'd like to poke you to go watch this slideshow over at Bleacher Report. Man, I'd love to have him back in net for us. Him in net, and Crosby up front. Maybe one day in the future...

Update: Maxime Lapierre had a golf tournament to fundraise for the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.  You can find interviews with Max and P.K. Subban linked. Also, there is a link to an interview Cammalleri gave which was probably used in the article from The Gazette mentioned above. <Ya! The Habs Rule>

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