Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have a Habulous Halloween!

First off, habby birthday to Tomas Plekanec! Hard to believe he's only 28 today. I like how he shares his birthday with Newsy Lalonde. =) Too bad we couldn't get a win to celebrate it yesterday. On Tuesday, make it happen guys!

And these videos. I wonder when they film them? During training camp? Kinda sad to see the old ones with guys that got traded. First up, for this year's Halloween the Habs talk about their worst costumes. The Pens did this, with pictures and all. I would've like to see Plekanec's hot dog and Spacek's Teletubby outfit. XD Wonder if Pleky was advertising something. And thinking about it, Spacek must've done this as an adult since the Teletubbies first came to TV in 1997 and Spacek was 23 at the time. @_@

Update: (The link does not work. Their embed code is for the wrong video. ;_; You can see it on the official site.)

I also really loved this edition of Journal d'un Canadien back from the first season I became a fan. Kovalev's hair is hilarious! And Captain Koivu was such a good sport.

And this video really made me happy. I wanted to know if they'd learned how to spell his name. I learned the spelling after watching the first one. You'd think they would too!

Finally, I managed to get that ELLE magazine! I will post scans (with translations) once I get some time. I dislike scanning, so don't expect them soon. I went to Maison de la Presse at 99 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto. If you're in town, you could try checking there, they might still have it. They've got a lot of French literature, everything from French manga to French travel guides. The prices...well, I don't know. I prefer the prices of my university's bookstore for things like dictionnaires and stuff.

Ok, enough randomness. Stay warm folks!

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