Friday, November 5, 2010

Watch the Habs Online!

That's right! You too can watch the Habs, with or without RDS. Check out this site: Habs Online TV. I haven't ever used it, but I'll check it out soon. I don't think there should be anything wrong with it as Boris420 seems like a dedicated fan who posts links (yes, more than one!) for every game. What a great fan!

Congrats to our Habs for winning in Buffalo tonight. I hope they don't show signs of tiredness tomorrow night. Boston is always ready to be in the top 3, Philadelphia is *restrains anger* skilled at winning, and Tampa Bay is just unstoppable. But seriously, if letting go of Guy Boucher meant that Kirk Muller has a chance at being coach, I'll take it. Also, who says this guy can't come back to us one day? Gauthier let him go so he could develop his career (at least, that's what was said to the media). So be it. We can use an experienced coach in the future. If TB wins a cup in the time that he's there, I might be less tolerant but we'll see what happens.

The drive for 25 is alive!


  1. Habby, where are you? You won the contest.

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