Friday, October 1, 2010

Shots on Net [01.10.10]

Congrats to Captain Brian Gionta! He was my choice. I hope he'll be able to lead the team to much success. Check out the cool trailer/video if you haven't already. I love the pictures of the previous captains. Great to see some of the guys who never made it on TV but fought so hard for the Habs. The NHL also has a nice article with a list of past captains.

Happy birthday to Coach Jacques Martin! I did not know he's from Ontario. I approve of the birthday wishing thing the Canadiens have going on. Sometimes on your birthday the only thing you want is for someone to remember and wish you. <Canadiens>

Markov, Gionta, Gill, Cammalleri, and Lapierre will be on the cover of ELLE Quebec. The guys look great! I'd love to get a copy. Alas, I have no time to search around Toronto for this. If I do get it, I'll scan pages from the shoot for you all. One thing to note: Pleky and Gomez weren't in this. What happened there? <Canadiens>

If you're in Toronto on October 7, check out NHL Face-Off at Dundas Square. Activities start around noon, and go until the Habs vs. Leafs game ends. Come on down to watch the game on the big screens and show off your skills to win prizes. I'll be there in a Habs shirt. (No jersey for me because I've got a lab in the morning and I do not want to ruin such a beautiful sweater with chemicals.) I'm advertising because I don't want to be the only Habs fan there! (The friend I'm going with is not a hockey fan. T.T) <>

Check out the links portion for more info on the Habs.

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