Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Habs Thing of the Day [02.07.11]

Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day.

Here's your random Habs thing of the day...

Habs socks

Yes, because we all need them. Our feet must also show Habs love.

Free agent frenzy brought in Peter Budaj and Erik Cole. Actually, the image above was on the Canadiens website when I went to read an article about Budaj.

I'll miss big, bald Alex Auld. I wish we could've resigned him for a year for $1 million like last year. But I guess Mr. Gauthier didn't trust him enough. Budaj, while he's had some bad numbers, will hopefully do better in Montreal. Apparently Colorado did not have a full time goalie coach. Also, their defence was probably unlike Montreal's. Really, with Coach Martin we're probably one of the most defensive teams out there. But that's a result of not having much offense. And it really is necessary with our dismal goals for numbers.

As for Cole...we overpaid and the term's longer than I would have hoped. And he has a NTC. Two years from now we'll regret this signing and we won't be able to move him. Unless his production drops off this year, in which case the regretting will begin earlier. But I have hope. If this guy can fit into our system, keep his production up, play physically, and not screw up then this will be our best signing of the year. We're giving Markov $5.75 million/year so this isn't that bad in comparison. And thanks must go out to the Captain for recruiting him.

Now we must wait for Josh Gorges, Ryan White, an assistant coach and maybe one more guy who can help us with Lars Eller still on the mend.

Only 96 days until the regular season starts!

Go Habs go!

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